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Monday, January 22nd 2018

Hospice of the Valley


To Refer a Patient

Health care has become an extremely competitive industry. In the past, choosing a hospice in our area was simple - you just asked for "hospice" and trusted your patients were receiving excellent care from Hospice of the Valley. Now there are over 21 hospices serving our area, and you must ask for us specifically. Next time you need to refer a patient for hospice care, ask for Hospice of the Valley. "Not all hospices are the same, ask for us by name."

To request a consult or evaluation for referral:

  • Step 1: Call (256) 350-5585, your call with be forwarded to the admissions department, the Patient Access Manager will need the patient's information and physician's verbal order to evaluate and admit as appropriate.
  • Step 2: Fax (256) 260-0847, patient H&P, last few patient visit notes, and any additional labs or consults that confirm the patient's terminal diagnosis.  For your convenience a team member is also available to pick up information at your office by request.

The Patient Access Manager will contact the patient or patient's family to arrange an initial visit. At the initial visit the admission nurse will evaluate the patient's clinical status, symptoms and other factors to assure the patient is eligible and then admit the patient the services. The admission nurse will also determine the families comfort level with caring for any special needs of the patient, evaluate the patients pain and symptoms and determine whether a continuous care extended nursing visit is needed upon admission to educate and stabilize the patient.

For more information or to make a referral, call (256) 350-5585 or fax to (256) 260-0847.