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Thursday, December 14th 2017

Hospice of the Valley


Medical Professionals

We are here to partner with you in continuing to provide the best possible care to your patients and their families. Discussing the option of hospice care with patients and their families is often difficult. Hospice of the Valley specializes in end-of-life care, a team member is available to provide family education and consultations at the physician's office, healthcare facility, patient's home or at our office.

We are here to assist you as little or as much as needed. In addition to consultations, we also offer patient evaluations upon a physician's request to determine which level of our continuum of care is most appropriate for the patient.

Hospice of the Valley also offers the services of our full-time Certified Nurse Practitioner in managing the patient's needs on behalf of the admitting physician. Our medical directors are also available to manage patients for those physicians who choose to refer but do not want to follow their patients into hospice services. Physicians often choose one of these two options based on how comfortable they are prescribing pain and symptom management medications or based on their availability to respond to patient needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in caring for your patient and their family. As always, we encourage you to call us at (256) 350-5585 to discuss our services or your patients' care.

Continuum of Care Services

Hospice Care is provided when the focus is on comfort not cure.

Community Bereavement Center is available for those that are experiencing grief related to an impending or recent death.