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Monday, January 22nd 2018

Hospice of the Valley


Ways to Donate

Support the Hospice of the Valley Foundation:

  • A gift of cash, securities or property for immediate or future use by the Foundation
  • A bequest in your will or living trust to the Hospice of the Valley Foundation
  • Beneficiary designations of life insurance or retirement plan proceed
  • Gifts with retained income for you

The donor may also specify the purpose for which earnings from the gift are to be used, as long as that purpose is consistent with Hospice of the Valley's goals and policies.

Tax Benefits

A Gift to the Hospice of the Valley Foundation can provide substantial tax savings to the donor, which in effect reduces the cost of the gift.

  • Savings in income taxes by gifts of cash, securities or property made during this fiscal year
  • Savings in inheritance and gift taxes by bequests, testamentary trusts or gifts, or living trusts
  • Savings in capital gains taxes when gifts of appreciated securities or other property are made

Be sure to check with your tax advisor or legal counsel to see whether a gift of this type may be of advantage to you. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Hospice of the Valley protects the information of its donors. Credit card and bank account information is protected and then destroyed after the yearly audit.

To mail a donation to Hospice of the valley, fill out our Donation Form and mail completed form to the address below.

There are many ways that you can support Hospice of the Valley. These include:

  • Bricks and Pavers - Honor someone you love with a personalized brick or paver placed in the memory garden at the Hospice of the Valley office.
  • Memorials - Remember a loved one's life by contributing to Hospice of the Valley
  • Honorariums - Give a unique gift by bestowing a financial contribution in honor of someone
  • Participate in fundraising events - The Foundation hosts several fundraising events through out the year. Participants and sponsors are always appreciated.